The RGB Color Space displays all colors accessible by additive mixture of the base colors Red (R), Green (G) and Blue (B) in a Cartesian coordinate system with the shares of  Red, Green and Blue on the axes. The space forms a cube with the corners black, red, yellow, green, blue, magenta, cyan and white as corners.

This JavaScript program allows you to display a slice out of this cube. It allows also cuts through the color spaces HSV and HSL forcibly transformed from their usual forms as pyramid, cone or cylinder into cubes.


1.) Select Color Space and orientation of slice (cut direction) by radio button.
(Example: RGB cube: R/B (G=0..100) displays slice through RGB Color Cube parallel to the axes Red and Blue with selectable but constant Green value as parameter).

2.) Choose value of selectable parameter (in our example: share of Green between 0 and 100%).

3.) Choose number of steps for the display of colors on each axis.

4.) You may adjust the width of the graphic to your monitor resolution to avoid scroll bars.

5.) Press "CUT" to start the program and to display the selected slice.

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